As a not-for-profit charitable trust, the Product Stewardship Foundation acts as an independent, neutral entity (known as a Product Stewardship Organisation or PSO) which allows stakeholders to come together to create best practice product stewardship programmes.

Future projects

These are projects currently under consideration by the Foundation.


A multi stakeholder team has come together to co-design a product stewardship framework enabling manufacturers, brand owners, importers, retailers, consumers, collectors & re-processors take responsibility for the impact of their packaging through its life cycle to reduce the environmental impact of products.

The design will support stakeholder objectives to reduce waste & set goals to capture resource at end of life; influence reduction of virgin resin use via a zero waste hierarchy to incentivise circular solutions; deliver a labeling framework with a producer registration system with labeling so the consumer (B2B/B2C) can identify how to recycle packaging.

In this project priority will be given to packaging not already being stewarded.


The paint industry working group is proposing a six-milestone project, ensuring a thorough review and investigation into the issues and possible solutions for the effective recovery, reuse and recycling of both the packaging and paint sold into the New Zealand. The project will span 24 months with input and funding into the co-design from representatives across the coatings industry with the aim of delivering an all of industry product stewardship scheme.

The design of this scheme will borrow from the effectiveness of the existing voluntary Resene PaintWise product stewardship scheme and other paint and packaging takeback programmes in New Zealand and will not only address the requirement under priority product regulation for the plastic packaging but also the residual content coating material remaining. Key stakeholders will be represented by an advisory group formed from the industry, and this will provide the project governance.

Current projects

There are no current projects.

Past projects

These are projects previously undertaken by the Product Stewardship Foundation.


Auto Stewardship New Zealand was set up in 2013 to provide the interim governance structure for a product stewardship programme in development for end-of-life tyres (Tyrewise) as approved by the Tyrewise Working Group. The Tyrewise project was the subject of a successful submission to the Minister for the Environment for designation of tyres as a priority product under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

Tyrewise is a regulated product stewardship programme in development which will create an effective solution for New Zealand’s end-of-life tyres (ELTs).

Companies and organisations representing tyre importers and suppliers, new and used car importers, tyre recyclers, motor services, and motorists as well as local and central government are all involved in developing this solution.

The project commenced back in 2012 and has gone through several phases. With the declaration of priority product for tyres in July 2020, Tyrewise continues to provide a framework for the development of this co-designed, regulated product stewardship programme.


Agrecovery Rural Recycling is a successful product stewardship programme which enables farmers and growers to sustainably and responsibly dispose of agrichemicals and their containers.

The Product Stewardship Foundation acted as an incubator for this scheme in development until the Agrecovery Foundation, itself a not-for-profit charitable trust, was formed. The Product Stewardship Foundation allowed the initial project work to be carried out under a neutral framework.

The Agrecovery Foundation now provides the same neutral framework for the scheme, allowing competing brand owners to collaborate for industry good in a manner compliant with the Commerce Act.