The Product Stewardship Foundation (PSF) is a platform from which to support industry-led and government-supported approaches to product stewardship – a ‘co-design’ model.

We focus on products which have been declared ‘priority products’ under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, assisting those sectors which need to navigate the complex requirements of regulated product stewardship.

The Foundation is a proven platform that enables action. While incubating scheme design, we use the following to guide our work:

  1. Guidance on model stewardship policies, programmes and legislation unique to the product; and
  2. Research on technical issues related to delivering in accordance with the guidelines or design of regulated product stewardship for specific product it is or has incubated; and
  3. Bring key stakeholders together to reach voluntary negotiated agreements on specific products in a manner compliant with the Commerce Act and to meet the guidelines for co-design of regulated product stewardship; and
  4. Hold developing or designed programmes on behalf of industry groups and organisations (both public and private).

The Foundation incorporates the principles of partnership, participation and protection as covered by the Treaty of Waitangi.


When the trust is not actively using its co-design platform, the responsibility to maintain the compliance activities for the trust fall back to 3R Group Ltd. At any stage that 3R are providing services to the Product Stewardship Foundation, 3R trustees resign and new appointments are made.

The holding trustee is:

Graeme Norton

Graeme is a director and founder shareholder at 3R Group and chair of the Board. He is also a founding trustee of Product Stewardship Foundation. He has over 40 years’ experience in business, half of which he has spent working directly with organisations and industries to develop more sustainable services and products. His business background is in banking, business consulting/surgery, recycling and sustainability.

Graeme is the Chair of the Wharariki (Flax) Trust. Wharariki’s purpose is to improve the conditions of life for members of Hawke’s Bay communities by taking actions, establishing programmes and working with others to improve health standards, education levels, employment opportunities, housing standards and life skills – the social determinants of wellbeing.

Previously, Graeme was deputy chair of the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and chaired the development of the SBC’s Vision 2050 initiative which envisages that, in 2050, all people in New Zealand live well and within the limits of the planet.

In the health sector, Graeme has held a number of governance roles at DHB and national levels including in consumer engagement and pharmacy. He is currently a member of the Advisory Council (governance) of Te Aho o Te Kahu, the national Cancer Control Agency.

Past trustees

Adele Rose

Robert Brodnax

Mark Gilbert

Dougal Morrison

Product Stewardship Foundation registered charities number: CC31327